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Photos from #SeedsofHope day

Photos from #SeedsofHope day

On May 16th, over 1200 people across Ontario planted #SeedsofHope for a world without Alzheimer’s disease. Here are some photos from the day.

Our youngest #SeedsofHope participant
Denyse Newton, Executive Director of the Alzheimer Society of Durham Region, plants her #SeedsofHope
Seeds of hope 1
Courtney planted for Papa Ed
EJ Harries Baden planted for her Great Grandfather
Rose planted in honour of her Oma Trien The.

On May 16, I’m planting hope for a world without Alzheimer’s

On May 16, I’m planting hope for a world without Alzheimer’s

Every spring, I can’t wait to get my trowel in hand and bring my garden back to life again. It’s a ritual of rebirth that allows me to put even the worst of winters behind me. And it seems as if this interest has finally aligned with another passion: creating a world without Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia.

That’s what makes me so excited about our campaign. On May 16, we are encouraging Ontarians to plant Forget Me Not seeds.  Forget Me Nots are the official flower of the Alzheimer Society. They work great in pots or groundcover and come back year after year. But most importantly, we want them to become a symbol of hope for those affected by the disease.

Over 1,000 Ontarians are participating in this year’s campaign! Our community of hope is growing and I couldn’t be more pleased. People are rallying behind Ontarians affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

If you’re planting your Forget Me Not seeds on Saturday in hopes of a world with Alzheimer’s, consider another way you can help make that happen: a planned gift. And did you know that

there are ways to donate that would help you and your family at the same time? You can reduce taxes now or increase your retirement income or even leave more money in your estate through a legacy gift.

We have created an Estate Planning Guide and Workbook plus some helpful tools that we would be happy to send to you. Feel free to contact me ( or 416 847 8913) if you want a free Estate Planning Guide or if you have more questions.

IMG_4846 (edited)Colleen Bradley

Development Officer, Gift & Estate Planning

I plant #SeedsofHope for my Grandpa

I plant #SeedsofHope for my Grandpa


Last year I took part in #SeedsofHope. I wanted to not only raise awareness for this terrible disease but also in memory of my Grandpa who lost his battle a few years ago.

I never knew how bad it was up until I had to witness someone I love battle Alzheimer’s disease. It’s heartbreaking to see someone you love lose everything, including their memory, and how he could no longer recognize many of the people he loved the most.


I encourage anyone thinking about it to sign up today! This is a great campaign and I look forward to participating for years to come.

Haily-2So on May 16th, join us to support the search for a cure and spread hope for people impacted by dementia.  Let’s plant a stunning field of Forget Me Not seeds in every garden in Ontario!

Hailey Szabon, #SeedsofHope planter