Help us improve living spaces for people with dementia

Help us improve living spaces for people with dementia

The world around us impacts how we feel, behave and engage with others.

We all want to live in an environment where we feel safe, comfortable and independent.

People with dementia are the same.

In 2008, we brought together a diverse group of people across Canada through the Alzheimer Knowledge Exchange (AKE) to create physical and social design recommendations that would improve the living environments of people with dementia. From this original group, the Design and Dementia Community of Practice (CoP) was formed.

“We bring together knowledge, research and best practice to recommend practical strategies for dementia-friendly environments,” states Jocelyn Hunt, who works with the AKE. “Research shows that a well-designed environment has an incredible impact of people living with dementia.”

Our design tools promote autonomy and well-being with helpful strategies to create a dementia-friendly physical and social environment.

The recommendation tools developed so far include:

These recommendations apply to  long-term care homes and alternate care settings; however, we want to create versions that people with dementia and their families can use in their own homes.

The CoP also provides ongoing support for people seeking advice, which helps to enhance practice across the country.

With the right environment, persons with dementia can thrive and responsive behaviours can be reduced. 

We need your help to accomplish this.

We are looking for input and feedback from care partners, public education coordinators and others working in communities with persons with dementia.  Your practical experience is valuable to furthering our work in this area.

Interested in learning more or getting involved?

Connect with the Design and Dementia CoP or learn more about the AKE. 

Contact Felicia White, Knowledge Broker:felicia or  416-847-8933

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