A message from CEO Gale Carey

A message from CEO Gale Carey

When Alzheimer’s disease touches your life, we are here for you!

The Alzheimer Society of Ontario and all 38 local Societies in Ontario provide programs and services to help people with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers deal with the disease and its impact on their lives. Each Society across Ontario offers education, information and counseling services. In addition, some Societies offer special programs such as day centres, assistance to individuals with Alzheimer’s who live alone, people living with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, rural and/or multicultural outreach, care coordination services and training programs for families and practitioners.

As family members join together to celebrate the holidays and other seasonal events, this is often when personality changes and other warning signs of dementia are first noticed. If this happens in your family, remember the Alzheimer Society is here for you and contact us as soon as possible.  We can be reached by telephone at 1-800-879-4226, or by email at staff@alzheimeront.org

Yours truly,

Gale Carey. CEO, Alzheimer Society of Ontario


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