Linda is a caregiver and an Alzheimer volunteer

Linda is a caregiver and an Alzheimer volunteer

When Linda Finkbeiner’s husband, Jim, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2009, Linda chose to volunteer with the Alzheimer Society of Huron County, as she felt it was a great way to get connected and involved in helping Jim.  Volunteering helped her to better understand the disease process and provided her with the support she needed to face the new challenges she was experiencing with Jim.

Linda’s passion for helping those affected by Alzheimer’s disease extends to her peers, and she is a wonderful support to many people both associated with the Alzheimer Society and those in the community.   As a Dementia Champion, Linda is a spokesperson with our local MPP where she helps to advocate for services.  She is also the Face of Dementia for Huron County, and is not afraid to speak up for something she believes in.

She is extremely versatile and can step into any role, and thus has helped in every possible capacity at Alzheimer Huron.  She has been a vital part of all our fundraising events whether it be directing runners in our Glimmer in the Darkness Run, helping with Coffee Break, or sitting on the Dinner Auction Committee.

Linda has a particular forte for office work, and has spent numerous hours extending the work of the staff.  Most recently, she has been the backbone of the registration process for our Teepa Snow presentation.  She has come in to the office more often than would ever be expected, to ensure that the process continues to run smoothly and to assist on the forefront.

For 5 years, Linda organized the Jim Finkbeiner Walk for Alzheimer Awareness.  She spent countless hours planning this event, raised thousands of dollars, and increased the awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias in Huron County, specifically South Huron.  She is an integral part of our Walk for Memories sustainability, substantially growing the walk with Jim by her side.

Linda is a dedicated volunteer, all the while taking care of Jim and ensuring that he is maintaining the quality of life that he deserves.  Linda took it upon herself to become certified in Montessori.  This will help enable her to better interact with Jim as he progresses with his Alzheimer’s disease and help equip others with the know how to interact with those affected by dementia.

We truly love working with her and appreciate all the little things that she does to help us better deliver our programs and services.  Linda is an amazing individual with a huge heart and we can’t thank her enough for her dedication to the Alzheimer Society of Huron County.

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