The Ontario election is heating up!

The Ontario election is heating up!

The weather might be cooling down, but the Ontario election is heating up! We have been working with our partners to make dementia and caregiving top of mind this election. The exciting thing is that we have had so many great opportunities to make this happen.

Want to get in on the action?! Send a question to the party leaders for their televised debate, which is happening tomorrow, Tuesday, September 27. Questions for the leaders are being accepted from the public at

Here are ideas of questions you can send:

  • Today, families and friends spend 87 million unpaid hours caring for people with dementia. What will the parties do to ensure that caregivers get the respite they need from the stress and expense of caring for someone with dementia?
  •  A brain healthy lifestyle – healthy eating, exercise, an active social life and mental stimulation – may help reduce the risk of dementia. What will the parties do to help Ontarians learn about and practise these brain-healthy behaviours?
  • Less than 25% of cases of Alzheimer’s disease in Canada are diagnosed and treated. How will the parties support family doctors to diagnose and care for people with dementia, and connect them with other helpful services in their own communities?
  • Innovative housing and technology can help people live healthier and stay in their homes longer. In what ways will the parties commit to making these options available to Ontarians?

Other opportunities are right at your doorstep. If a candidate shows up at your door or gives you a ring be sure to ask them, “If elected, what are you going to do to help people with dementia and their caregivers?”

Enjoy the short time left of election campaigning. October 6th is just around the corner.

Jacquie Micallef

Public Policy Analyst

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