Make your Holidays stress-free!

Make your Holidays stress-free!

The Holidays are the perfect time of year to bring friends and family together to connect, catch up, and celebrate the coming New Year! For those with dementia it is just as important to be able to spend time with their loved ones.

But managing the extra stimulation a gathering can bring and making sure they enjoy themselves can sometimes be difficult. Family and friends may also be uncertain about how to act and what to say.

To help with these difficult situations and to make your Holidays stress-free the Alzheimer Society of Ontario has created 10 Holiday tips:

  1. Ask for their help with simple but important tasks like helping prep the meal, decorating the room, or cleaning up together
  2. Keeping rooms well lit can help with reduced vision and sun downing
  3. Have a quiet space available for the person with dementia if the gather becomes over stimulating
  4. Remove major distractions such as loud music or televisions.
  5. Keep the number of guests to a moderate size to make sure the gathering isn’t overwhelming
  6. A nap can help one feel more rested for the evening’s entertainment
  7. Having everyone sit and eat together will help make sure everyone is included in the festivities
  8. Serve your meal at your usual time to make sure not to upset their normal routine
  9. Share tips with family and friends to create better communication and minimize any concerns they have
  10. Have activities ready that are suited for someone with dementia, such as revisiting old family photos or telling stories

You can find more tips and gift ideas for the Holidays at the Alzheimer Society of Ontario Website.

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