Alive Inside in Toronto

Alive Inside in Toronto

The Michael Rossato-Bennett’s documentary, Alive Inside, was recently screened at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema. The film follows the work of social worker Dan Cohen as he implements the iPod project across the United States through his non-profit organization, Music & Memory.


Inspired by the film and based on the evidence of the beneficial effects of music on people with dementia, the Alzheimer Society of Toronto launched its own Music and Memory: iPod project in 2013.The Society recognized a need to find a way to help people with Alzheimer’s disease better communicate with their caregiver and the world around them.

Sabrina McCurbin, iPod Project coordinator at the Alzheimer Society of Toronto was onsite for a post-film question period.

“It was refreshing to see the variety of people in the audience from all walks and professions in life- wholly moved and invested in playing a role in bringing joy to people affected by this disease”, said McCurbin.“The incredible amount of support and interest in our Project, as a result, is a testament to the wide-spread impact of Alive Inside.”

In its first year, the Society provided iPods with personalized playlists to over 1,200 people living with dementia.

As Cathy Barrick, CEO, Alzheimer Society of Toronto says, “When you are caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia, it can be a tremendous challenge to communicate or find ways to help him or her rediscover pleasure in the world. This program is a big win – people with dementia are stimulated, engaged, more alert for longer periods of time and want to share the music, creating a real spike in social interaction.”

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