Carey volunteers to stay active in her community

Carey volunteers to stay active in her community

Why do I volunteer?

My mother had Alzheimer’s. The Alzheimer Society of Sault Ste. Marie services such as support groups, caregiver meetings and educational tools were a godsend. I wanted to give back to the Society after all it gave to me.

What is my background?

I worked at a newspaper for many years in their advertising department. After retirement, I wanted to find a way to stay active in the community.

What is my impact?

I help the Society in any way that I can. Sometimes I do reception and computer work; other times I`m out in the community helping with important fundraising events such as the Walk for Memories and our annual Coffee Break kickoff event.

Why should you volunteer?

I volunteer with the Alzheimer Society and many other charities because it keeps me active. And staying active helps keep me feeling young.  Volunteering gets you out into the public meeting new people. Sitting at home doing nothing all day isn’t good. You need to get out into the community.

Learn more about volunteering and how to volunteer at the Alzheimer Society.

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