Graham volunteers for experience and to give back

Graham volunteers for experience and to give back

Why do I volunteer?

I volunteer with the Alzheimer Society of Ontario because I want to contribute to the strength of the education and services that the Society provides for Ontarians with dementia and their caregivers. The rise of dementia in our community, its economic impact and its impact on quality of life is a major health care issue. Like many Ontarians, the impact of dementia has affected my family.

What is my background?

As a clinical researcher of cognitive decline, I have met many older adults suffering from cognitive trouble or dementia and have observed its impact on their life and their caregivers. My research aims to better understand the science of cognitive decline and how it may lead to dementia in later life. However, any benefits of my research likely wouldn’t be realized for many years.

What is my impact?

Volunteering with the Alzheimer Society of Ontario allows me to contribute to the management of dementia in the community now. Together, with the public policy and program initiatives team, I am helping to identify key areas of overlap between the strengths of the Society and the needs within the Ontario strategy for dementia care.

Why should you volunteer?

If dementia has had an impact on someone’s life and they would like to join the fight, the Alzheimer Society is an excellent organization to volunteer with. There is a great diversity of opportunities with a wide range of required involvement. And most importantly, the Alzheimer Society is fully committed to improving care and education for those with dementia and their caregivers.

Learn more about volunteering and how to volunteer at the Alzheimer Society.

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