I plant #SeedsofHope for my Grandpa

I plant #SeedsofHope for my Grandpa


Last year I took part in #SeedsofHope. I wanted to not only raise awareness for this terrible disease but also in memory of my Grandpa who lost his battle a few years ago.

I never knew how bad it was up until I had to witness someone I love battle Alzheimer’s disease. It’s heartbreaking to see someone you love lose everything, including their memory, and how he could no longer recognize many of the people he loved the most.


I encourage anyone thinking about it to sign up today! This is a great campaign and I look forward to participating for years to come.

Haily-2So on May 16th, join us to support the search for a cure and spread hope for people impacted by dementia.  Let’s plant a stunning field of Forget Me Not seeds in every garden in Ontario!

Hailey Szabon, #SeedsofHope planter

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