Who are you planting #SeedsofHope for?

Who are you planting #SeedsofHope for?

Who are you planting #SeedsofHope for?

This is your last chance to get your Forget Me Not seeds and join our hopeful community for a world with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia! Meet some of the others who are planting seeds and find out why they doing so:

LouiseI’m participating in #SeedsofHope campaign in memory of my Nanny. It’s a great new way to spread awareness of Alzheimer’s. I feel that this campaign was a thoughtful and respectful way to honour those who have been affected with the horrible disease and to raise awareness in hopes of prevention and a cure.

Louise Gardiner


I’m participating in #SeedsofHope   to honour and remember my wonderful mother. My mom suffered with Alzheimer’s for a long and painful seven years.  She was dearly loved and is extremely missed and by planting the seeds we remember her as flowers and the color purple were her favorite things. Looking at the beautiful flowers reminds us of how beautiful our mother was.

Lydna McAdams

I don’t have anyone in my family with Alzheimer’s, but I’m participating in #SeedsofHope for a man who I worked for who developed it at around 55. I watched the slow deterioration of a man who had a lot of life in him and his struggle to try and maintain some kind on dignity.  Let’s find a cure for this disease.

Donna Perrette

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