Meet our volunteer Cindy

Meet our volunteer Cindy

Meet Cindy. She has made a real difference for the Alzheimer Society. As FreshCo’s VP of operations, she has helped get her company to help fundraise for this important cause.

She been involved with the Alzheimer Society for over 15 years and even acted as its honorary chair. At first, she helped get FreshCo stores across the region involved in our annual coffee break fundraiser. Shoppers were encouraged to make a donation at the cash register and have their name displayed on a coffee break cutout in the store.

Seeing its success at local level inspired Cindy further and now the campaign has been rolled out across the province.  This was an easy decision knowing that the money raised at each FreshCo location is donated back to their community Alzheimer Society. This year, the campaign raised $28,000 in support of the Alzheimer Society.

Cindy plans to ensure FreshCo participates in the Alzheimer Society Coffee Break Campaign for years to come. It’s an extremely important cause to support with approximately 500,000 Canadians suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

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