Walk for Memories: meet Walker Kim Zuliana

Walk for Memories: meet Walker Kim Zuliana

Alzheimer’s affects me both personally and professionally. The Walk For Memories is a great way to gather many who are affected by this disease to help promote awareness, raise funds and to just support each other by sharing stories. Everyone is affected one way or another and with an aging population. This walk allows us to take the next steps to help cure Alzheimer’s disease or related Dementias.

I walk for my beautiful Grandmother Cecile Bertuzzi. She has always been an inspiration in so many ways. This woman would give the shirt off her back for anyone in need, she only gave love and affection, she was the best cook ever, she cleaned like no one could ever clean and she always made sure her family was taken care of.

My Grandmother may not remember me but I remember her and who she was as an individual as well as a Grandmother. When I am with her and she looks at me and says “Ohhhh you are so beautiful” or “Oh I love you”…those are my moments and wouldn’t change that for the world.

Thank you Walk for Memories for giving me the opportunity to participate in helping with a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and related Dementias.

To sponsor Kim or another Walker, or to participate by finding a Walk near you, visit the Walk for Memories website.

kimKim Zuliana

Walk for Memories Walker, Sudbury

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