“Back up” leading research and make double the impact

“Back up” leading research and make double the impact


Our minds are like our body’s computer – storing precious memories we’ve collected throughout our lifetime. Sadly, when you have Alzheimer’s disease, every memory, thought and feeling you’ve ever experienced is at risk of being lost.

Your support of research will help “back up” these memories at risk.

Currently, Alzheimer’s disease has no known cure, but great strides are being made into discovering what causes this disease, what types of medication or actions we can take to reduce our risk and how best to approach finding a cure.

Make a donation in support of research today and your gift will be matched 2X its value, thanks to a special match offer from the Decker family. For every dollar you donate, the Decker family will match your gift – up to $25,000.

Alzheimer Society of Ontario has led the way to some fascinating research projects across the province. Research like that being done by Eva Vico Varela.

Eva Vico Varela (pictured above), neuroscience research student at McGill University

Eva, a neuroscience doctoral student at McGill University, is investigating deep brain stimulation in mice models. She aims to understand how electrical pulses could be applied to help people with Alzheimer’s disease in clinical trials.

If successful, this new treatment could help slow the decline of Alzheimer’s disease and improve the quality of life for people living with dementia. And this is just one of many promising research projects underway right now!

Don’t let dementia erase memories of those you love. Donate now to “back up” leading researchers, caregivers, and people living with dementia.


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