Let’s make a difference on World Alzheimer’s Day

Let’s make a difference on World Alzheimer’s Day

Alzheimer's research

Today we celebrate World Alzheimer’s Day, a perfect time to focus on the amazing work being done worldwide to conquer dementia. It is also a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness and show our support for those affected by the disease.

Dementia affects everyone, whether we know someone living with the disease, volunteer, provide care or conduct research to uncover the cure – in one way or another, we are in this together.

Ekaterina Rogaeva
Pictured above: Alzheimer’s researcher Ekaterina Rogaeva

When the Alzheimer Society of Ontario was first formed in 1983, our mission was to help people affected by dementia through expert care and support, funding research, education and increasing awareness of dementia. And we continue to do so today.

It’s pretty remarkable to think 110 years ago was when the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease were discovered. Flash forward to today – our technology and research methods are so advanced that we can use techniques such as brain imaging and biomarkers to investigate the potential causes and cures for the disease. But there is still so much more to be discovered.


I hope you will join us in recognizing World Alzheimer’s Day. A small act can help make a remarkable difference. Share this blog with a friend, sign up for our e-newsletter, or even make a donation today.

Thanks to a special match offer from the Decker Family, your donation in support of research will be doubled! For every dollar you donate, it will be matched to make twice the impact and help bring our researchers one step closer to conquering dementia.

Our vision is a world without Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. A world where our family and friends are never affected by Alzheimer’s. A world where dementia is the distant memory we cannot recall.

Thank you for your generous support!

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