Minds in Motion® boosts brain health

Minds in Motion® boosts brain health

At the Alzheimer Society of London-Middlesex we have many social recreation programs such as art, gardening, cooking, knitting, and scrapbooking. But before Minds in Motion®, we did not have one that focused on group exercise and healthy living.

This has been a great addition. Since we started Minds in Motion, people are seeing how exercise makes a huge difference for people with dementia. Just today I received a call from a client interested in the program. I had asked her what she knew about the program and responded, “only that it is great.”

People seem to enjoy the group exercise component the most, so much so that many keep signing up for session after session. Watching the group constantly smiling and laughing during exercise is great to see. We love to watch them grow and feel proud of themselves.

Many are now wondering what other physical activity programs we offer. As a result we decided to start a walking program called “Making Strides,” which launched last September.

Another big benefit of Minds in Motion is the consistency. Most of our programs are once a month and Minds in Motion is ongoing for 8 weeks. Because of this, I find that participants are seeing strong positive changes from the constant support and participation in the program. It’s been so great to be part of this pilot program and I look forward to seeing it grow across the province and beyond.

Learn more about Minds in Motion and see if it is available in your area.

Brooke-Hurley-2Brooke Hurley, Social Worker

Alzheimer Society of London and Middlesex

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