Walk for Memories 2013–Meet Ian Moffit

Walk for Memories 2013–Meet Ian Moffit

Ian Moffit, a four-year Walk for Memories veteran, is from Ottawa, Ontario.

I walk because I am very involved with the Alzheimer Society and am committed to the cause. Both my mother and wife’s grandmother have been affected by dementia. I’m on the Board of Directors for the Ottawa Society and realize important the programs and information are for people with the disease and their caregivers. Research also needs to continue so that a cure can be found. These reasons keep me coming back. I know so many families that are affected by the disease and this number continues to grow. I want to help in whatever way I can.

I love attending the Walk. It is not only gratifying, but I use it as a team building exercise with my co-workers and family members. Seeing the community working together is also inspiring. Some have stories, some have pictures, and all are there for the same reason.

At one of the Walks, a group of participants had t-shirts with a picture of their affect family on the back.  When we first began walking, the lady with Alzheimer’s disease was walking as well. It made me feel wonderful to see her there and the growing support from her family over the years.

As a society, we need to pay more attention to Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. I have rarely spoken to anyone not been personally affected in some way by this disease.

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