Jaclyn volunteers for work experience

Jaclyn volunteers for work experience

My name is Jaclyn Turpin and I volunteer with the Alzheimer Society of Oxford. I am a student at King’s University College studying Family Studies and Thanatology (bereavement and grief). Volunteering with the Alzheimer Society allows me to put my academic knowledge to practice. Additionally, I love working with people and supporting those who experienced loss.IMG_8064

I am a support services volunteer. The Alzheimer Society did an amazing job ensuring I had a position that met my interests as well as supporting their needs. I help review the current programming and research to its benefits to clients.

I also initiated a new program that is under development, called “Touch Quilts”, where memorable fabrics are crafted together to make a quilt for the client, meeting their comfort needs. My most memorable moment so far has been the opportunity to take part in the Fleece Festival and promote the Touch Quilt. This was such a rewarding experience, knowing that people were so interested in a program that you introduced.

Volunteering has helped me gain experience and knowledge, from both my research and the great people I have met from the agency, volunteers, and community members. I didn’t know how much you can do to help someone with dementia! I have also always wanted to work with people and volunteering for the Alzheimer Society has allowed me to so. But I do some “behind the scenes” work, which I have learned is just as powerful as working directly with an individual.

I would encourage anyone to volunteer for the Alzheimer Society. They look at your goals, expertise, talents, and passion to find you a position. They are also flexible with schedules, which is great for a full time student who also works and does a placement. The Alzheimer Society will be just as appreciative of your time as you will be of your experience!


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