Stacy volunteers to meet new people

Stacy volunteers to meet new people

I’m Stacy — A.K.A. Super Stacy! —and I volunteer with the Alzheimer Society of Ontario. I was born in Toronto and have lived here all my life. I like to keep busy and work hard.

I enjoy volunteering with the Alzheimer Society because I support their cause and want to help in any way I can. I have volunteered with the Alzheimer Society since June 2014, coming in once a week to help with various tasks in the office. Everyone calls me Super Stacy because I work so quickly!

To me, the best thing about volunteering is getting to know new people and working with others. I am also member of L’arche Toronto and volunteer with two law firms in the city.

When I am not working at my volunteer placement I enjoy going to the movies, going out for dinner, shopping and swimming! Recently I spent time with my family in Florida and really enjoyed helping my sisters with my little nephews.


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